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PantoGraph WordPress Theme is suitable for creating a stunning website for News or Magazines or high AdSense Revenue website or Personal blogs. Fully responsive and will look perfect regardless of whether your visitors are using a large desktop or a small mobile phone. Desktops, Mobiles, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, does not matter, PantoGraph will look great in all devices. The theme is 100% multilingual and RTL ready as well.

PantoGraph 6.5.2 is live!
Compatible with WordPress 6.4.x / 6.3.x / 6.2.x / 6.1.x / 6.0.x / 5.9.x / 5.8.x / 5.7.x / 5.6.x
Compatible with WPBakery / Elementor / Elementor Pro
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PantoGraph Features

100+ Powerful Options

PantoGraph comes with a lot of options that enables you to change any section of your site without touching a single line of codes! Also PantoGraph comes with Meta Box options so that you can create different sidebars, different headers, different footers, different colors for different pages.

50+ Custom Drag/Drop Elements for WPBakery Page Builder

With the help of 50+ Custom Elements you can create your pages as many variations as you like. There are unlimited possibilities; just Drag and Drop elements in the pages to make stunning pages for your website. Take a look at the Super Easy Drag/Drop functionality of PantoGraph theme

Shortcode Example

50+ Custom Drag/Drop Widgets for Elementor Page Builder

PantoGraph supports not only WPBakery but also Elementor Page Builder. With the help of 50+ Custom Widgets for Elementor you can create your pages as many variations as you like.

Elementor Example

One-Click Demo Import

PantoGraph demos are ready with 1 click demo import facility. If you’re new to design and develop websites, importing a demo can be the perfect starting point and you can have all the pages and content ready. The demo has been built with WPBakery page builder.

No matter you are going to create Sports News site, World News site, Political News site or combination of all of them If you look at the variations of the Live Preview you will find out what you can do with the theme


Key Features

Compatible With

PantoGraph theme is fully compatible with:
WordPress 6.4x
WordPress 6.3x
WordPress 6.2x
WordPress 6.1x
WordPress 6.0x
WordPress 5.9x
WordPress 5.8x
WordPress 5.7x
WordPress 5.6x
Elementor Pro


v6.5.2 – 26th February 2024

1. Fixed: WordPress default Customizer not saving the data.

v6.5.1 – 9th November 2023

1. Improvement: WordPress 6.4.x Compatible

v6.5.0 – 23rd August 2023

1. Improvement: WordPress 6.3.x Compatible

v6.4.0 – 24th May 2023

1. Improvement: PHP 8 Compatible
2. Improvement: WordPress 6.2.2 Compatible

v6.3.2 – 1st April 2023

1. WordPress 6.2.1 compatible

v6.3.1 – 13th November 2022

1. Improvement: Compatible with WordPress Version 6.1.x

v6.3.0 – 14th October 2022

1. Improvement: Demo data and Widgets updated to make them compatible with the latest version of WordPress (v6.0.2)

v6.2.0 – 25th June 2022

1. Improvement: WordPress 6.x compatibility work done.

v6.0.0 – 26th March 2022

1. Improvement: WordPress 5.9.2 compatibility work done.

v5.0.0 – 21st March 2022

1. Elementor Page Builder Compatible.
2. 50+ Elementor Widgets included.

v4.3.1 – 29th December 2021

1. Aweber subscription feature updated.
2. Mobile menu style updated.

v4.2.0 – 18th December 2021

1. Improvement: Theme activation process moved to Reading settings page for user convenience.
2. Fix: PHP 8.x compatibility issue.

v4.1.0 – 13th December 2021

1. Improvement: Verification field is now in Theme-Options panel for easy access.
2. Improvement: PHP 8.x compatible.

v4.0 – 10th December 2021

1. Admin widgets area improved
2. Verification process included in admin area.
3. Fixed: PHP Warning in admin-functions.php

v3.7.3 – 2nd November 2021

2. Fixed: PHP Warning:  session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent issue

v3.7.2.1 – 17th September 2021

1. Improvement : WordPress version 5.8.1 compatibility work done.

v3.7.2 – 15th July 2021

1. Improvement: WordPress 5.7.2 compatible.
2. Improvement: CSS updates to fix minor design issues.

v3.7.0 – 7th April 2021

1. Improvement: WordPress 5.7.1 compatible.
2. Update: Language file updated.
3. Tweak: As subscription functionality. Mailchimp removed, Aweber used instead.

v3.6.4 – 28th February 2021

1. WordPress 5.6.2 compatibility work - DONE
2. Fixed: comments time function was giving wrong time.
3. Language file (pot) updated according to the updates for WordPress 5.6.2 compatibility.

v3.6.3 – 13th February 2021

1. rtl.css file is updated

v3.6.2 – 7th November 2020

1. PHP 7.4x Fixes: Solved PHP notices and warnings for PHP 7.4x versions.

v3.6.1 – 5th October 2020

1. Bundled plugins updated to latest version.
2. CSS fixing for couple of sections of mobile view.

v3.6 – 19th August 2020

1. WordPress version 5.5 compatibility work done!

v3.4.2 – 22nd July 2020

1. Fixed: Social sharing widgets issues with latest php versions.

v3.4 – 22nd April 2020

1. Fixed: Category templates CSS issue in RTL mode.

v3.3 – 2nd April 2020

1. WordPress version 5.4 compatibility work DONE!

v3.2 – 1st April 2020

1. Improvement: Child Theme updated for RTL languages
2. Fixed: Loadmore js file is now present in the parent theme instead of child.

v3.1.1 – 7th March 2020

1. WPBakery Page builder is updated to its latest version (v6.1)!

v3.1 – 22nd December 2019

1. Demo data updated according to live preview

v3.0 – 8th July 2019

1. Removed the following old demos from the theme.
2. RTL demo added and theme is compatible with RTL now.

v2.8 – 14th May 2019

1. Language file updated with missing 'strings'.

v2.6 – 24th February 2019

1. The theme now fully meets the new WordPress requirements outlined by Envato.

v2.5.2 – 23rd January 2019

1. Gutenberg optimization done
2. Split one page/post to multiple page/post functionality included

v2.5 – 1st June 2018

1. Less image in Mobiles option added
2. Demo data updated.

v2.4 – 06th May 2018

1. Font-Awesome updated to latest version (5.1)
2. New Header Style added
3. Two New Home Variation Added
4. 20 more Theme-Options added in Options Panel.
5. CSS bugs fixed.
6. Load More buttons new styling option implemented

v2.3 – 29 March 2018

1. New demo variation added
2. Signup / Join member functionality added
3. New option added to resize page container width
4. New font-style option added
5. Responsive footer social link design issue fixed

v2.2.3 – 25 March 2018

1. Options added to add/change Heading and Sub Heading in the Subscibe widget.
2. Subscribe.php not found error - Fixed.
3. Main syles file's minified version updated.

v2.2.2 – 23 March 2018

1. Drop-Down menu and Mega menu background color changing options added.
2. Social sharing widget Title styling issues fixed.
3. Demo data files updated.
4. Language files updated.

v2.2 – 13 March 2018

1. New Demo added.
2. Header style 2 and Header style 5 had social icon issues - Fixed.
3. Language files updated.
4. More options added in Theme-Options panel. One of them is to make Footer full-width when the upper part of the website is boxed styled.

v2.1 – 2nd March 2018

1. Option added to change style of Ajax Load More button and pagination.

v2.0 – 25th February 2018

1. Includes 10 more magazine home variations.
2. New Instagram and Twitter widgets
3. Updated demo content ready to 1 click install
4. Three new Header styles
5. Six new Footer styles
6. Eleven more Post Blocks
7. Ajax load more for Blog pages
8. Around 50 new Theme-Options and Meta-Box options.
9. Unlimited Sidebar adding options
10. Options to design each page differently.
11. Mobile Menu newly designed.
12. CSS bugs fixed.

v1.2 – 9th January 2018

1. Video posts styling issues fixed.
2. Three more post templates and 4 more category templates added.
3. One more header style added.
4. Two more template variation (ready to one click import) added.
5. CSS minification option added to speed up the page loading time.

v1.1 – 1st January 2018

1. One-Click Import Demo Data implemented.
2. Demo data files updated.

v1.0 – 27th November 2017

1. Initial Release

Note: Some images in the live preview are used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files. And, the theme supports language translations without any rtl support.



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