Banita – Shopify Theme


Banita is described in the Envato article – 20+ Best Shopify Themes With Beautiful eCommerce Designs

Banita - Shopify Theme - 1

Banita - Shopify Theme - 2

Foxic- Shopify Theme

Banita - Shopify Theme

We introduce some of live sites based on Banita shopify theme:

Banita - Shopify Theme - 3
Banita - Shopify Theme - 4
Banita - Shopify Theme - 5
Banita - Shopify Theme - 6
Banita - Shopify Theme - 7
Banita - Shopify Theme - 8
Banita - Shopify Theme - 9
Banita - Shopify Theme - 10
Banita - Shopify Theme - 11
Banita - Shopify Theme - 12
Banita - Shopify Theme - 13Banita - Shopify Theme - 14Banita - Shopify Theme - 15






Other Flowers Sport nutrition Other Other Other Animals Sportswear Furniture Kids Food/Drinks Electronic

Banita - Shopify ThemeBanita - Shopify ThemeBanita - Shopify Theme

Banita - Shopify Theme

Seiko - Shopify Theme

* Images from the demo are not included in the theme files.

May 18, version 1.9.0

- Updated to the latest Instagram API requirements

February 4, version 1.8.0

- added in-built Wishlist feature
- info welcome section - added BG image option
- added a video on the product page media section
- product pre-order fix
- updated Instagram widget
- color fix
- minor fixes

May 21, version 1.6.0

- updated YouTube API for correct  work of youtube player in the slider
- updated locales
- updated mobile navigation
- fixed product labels (label  - new)
- many other minor changes

November 14, version 1.5.0

- Slider Youtube player updated to the latest version
- Quick view popup fixed
- Minor changes

July 02, version 1.4.0

- cart order note was disabled on the cart page
- added dynamic checkout button
- added safe checkout image on the product page
- minor fixes

May 18, version 1.3.0

- fixed currency changing in checkout modal popup
- fixed fr locale
- fixed product's price in the checkout modal popup
- fixed product's prev next
- fixed currency checkout popup
- fixed countdown metafield
- fixed product rating enable/disable 
- fixed header-7 social media links enable/disable
- fixed product description in mobile is visible by default

March 07, version 1.2.0

- added product width always boxed
- updated testimonials avatar upload
- updated  'translation missed' in browser collection title
- updated  currency in checkoutModal
- updated product image zoom enable/disable
- updated  search
- updated  header currencies were not visible in the header

February 03, version 1.1.0

-added option enable/disable to show more than one image for product preview (for better performance)
-added new exclusive feature among Shopify Themes "Modal Checkout with Current Cart and Upsells" 
-added options for the slider in mobile (ability to setup own proportions)
-added a rich mechanism for automatic resizing images of any proportions and keeping all product previews one height (equal height option), example link on HTML

-added option to choose 'full site one loader' or 'each blocks loader' or 'none loader' for better site look while it loads.
-added countdown automatically disappears after the end of the sale date
-added first tab description is visible on mobile at once
-added color pickers for modal checkout and other elements
-fixed login popup
-fixed enable/disable green/gray text blocks on the product page
-fixed product sharing functionality
-fixed blog sidebar
-fixed enable/disable sidebar filter "Shopping by" 
-fixed removed Instagram widget bg
-fixed bg image for the section "About us page" 
-fixed related products were not showed
-fixed show/hide option to show left spy navigation
-fixed customer page addresses - add a new address



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