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Neon – is flat admin template for multi-purpose usage built with Bootstrap.

It contains more than 112 HTML files which offer you great variety of layout options and resources, and it will be extended in the future updates with newer plugins and pages.

Now you can buy Extended License of Neon with 33% discount, this is cheapest price you can find on the Admin category of Themeforest!

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As someone who usually avoids templates due to their horrible coding and uselessness, this one was an absolute surprise. Cleanly coded, stable, reliable and most importantly very flexible. Haven’t run into a single CSS/JS bug yet which surprised me, pretty much every code I drop into it works like a charm. Highly recommended!

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This theme is extremely great in many aspects. I was able to customize it easily and my client also is happy. Of course, I recommend Neon.

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This is by far the best admin template currently on themeforest.

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 28

The most beautiful & complete template I’ve ever bought!

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 29

Marvelous theme… i have ever met!

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 30

Fantastic, and when the site is ready will happily pay the Extended Fee

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 31

Great theme, well designed and coded. Good updates.

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 32

Everything it’s great, the code, design, flexibility, no regrets of buying it.

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 33

Very fluid, functional and easy to extend. Very good support.

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 34

There is a big pleasure for me to work on your code. Lots of examples well documented and very strong implemented, clean code … etc, this theme pays itself after first hour of work!

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 35

Awesome template! Has a little bit of everything and it’s a nice, easy to work with layout.

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 36

This theme looks great and works really well. And most importantly, it’s easy to tweak and change.

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 37

Great theme and great support. You will not need any other template anymore!

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Everything is in it

Neon - Bootstrap Admin Theme - 39

All amazing, template and coding.

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— Version 2.0

        Now you can buy Extended License of Neon with 33.3% discount, this is cheapest -
        price you can find on the Admin category of Themeforest!

        IMPORTANT FIX: Compatibility with Safari 9.x on El Capitan and iOS9 added

        ADDED: Bootstrap 3.3.5 Support
        ADDED: Better organized less files, moved to assets/less/ folder.
        ADDED: Favicon.ico added in header of each file
        ADDED: Retina ready images added to whole pages
        ADDED: Git repository changes

        UPDATE: Bootstrap updated to v3.3.5
        UPDATE: jQuery updated to latest version v1.11.3
        UPDATE: DataTables updated to v1.10.9
        UPDATE: GSAP Animation Library updated to latest version v1.18.0
        UPDATE: HTML5shiv updated to latest version v3.7.2
        UPDATE: moment.js library updated to latest version v2.10.6
        UPDATE: jQuery Validate library updated to v1.14.0
        UPDATE: jQuery Knobs library updated to v1.2.11
        UPDATE: FontAwesome updated to v4.4
        UPDATE: Input Mask updated v3.2.2

        FIX: Top menu in mobile devices
        FIX: Neon Chat API issues with its own API
        FIX: Menu break on different viewports (mostly on iPad)
        FIX: Menu items that have submenus now have "has-sub" class
        FIX: Tile boxes in dashboard not aligned properly in mobile screens
        FIX: Reported responsive issues on all pages
        FIX: Forgot password form not allowing two (or more) dots after @ character

— Version 1.8

        ADDED: FullCalendar version 2.3.2 (extra-calendar-2.html)
        ADDED: Detailed comments which scripts are included in pages 
        ADDED: New skin added (skins-facebook.html)

        FIX: Cleaner HTML content and correctly indented with tabs
        FIX: Rebuild of core layout with pure CSS, doesn't need the JS to set the height anymore
        FIX: When using fixed sidebar the browser outline is removed
        FIX: Horizontal menu not showing properly in fixed mode (perspective issues)
        FIX: Improved animation performances
        FIX: Overall theme polishing (CSS + JavaScript)

        UPDATE: Updated scripts: Select2 (3.4.5 -> 3.5.2), jQuery Validate (1.11.1 -> 1.13.1),
        jQuery Transit (0.9.9 -> 0.9.12)

— Version 1.7.2

        FIX: Datepicker in Dropdown Modal now its visible on the layer

— Version 1.7.1

        FIX: Fixed sidebar issue window height

— Version 1.74

        ADDED: Boxed Layout support
        ADDED: Members page (extra-members.html)
        ADDED: Comments page (extra-comments.html)
        ADDED: New post page (extra-new-post.html)
        ADDED: Settings page (extra-settings.html)
        ADDED: Nested list plugin (extra-nestable.html)
        ADDED: File tree plugin (extra-file-tree.html)
        ADDED: Progress indicator (extra-load-progress.html)
        ADDED: New front-end mobile menu

        FIX: Better organized assets files

— Version 1.6

        ADDED: Tabs in XS mode will display icons instead of text (ui-tabs-accordions.html)

        FIX: Group tile with stats now its properly aligned, Firefox background tiles that are 
        pushed little lower (ui-tiles.html)
        FIX: When opening modals will not bounce the page content container (ui-modals.html)
        FIX: (CSS) IE fixes
        FIX: RTL logo on Navbar
        FIX: Front-end carousel issue in Safari
        FIX: $.noConflict() - Neon will no longer have issues with this declaration
        FIX: (CSS) DataTable width when sidebar is collapsed/expanded
        FIX: (CSS) DataTable Rows per page broken width
        FIX: Modals not opening in firefox (ui-modals.html)

        ADDED: Tabs will have icons in responsive (XS-mode, file: ui-tabs-accordions.html)

— Version 1.5.1

        FIX: Fixed CSS Issues
        FIX: Data folder missing

— Version 1.5.0

        ADDED: Front-end Interface
        ADDED: Neon is now upgraded to Bootstrap 3.1
        ADDED: Full RTL Support
        ADDED: Sidebar position on the right (+Chat left)
        ADDED: CSS files are now separated into groups for to decrease load size
        ADDED: 10 new PSD files
        ADDED: New Dashboard Page (dashboard-3.html)

        FIX: Firefox issues fixed

— Version 1.1.4

        ADDED: Register form page (extra-register.html)
        ADDED: Forgot password form page (extra-forgot-password.html)
        ADDED: Login form processing with PHP (extra-login.html and data/sample-login-form.php)
        ADDED: Search Result page added (extra-search.html)
        ADDED: UIKit Markdown editor (forms-wysiwyg.html)
        ADDED: iCheck replacement for radio buttons and checkboxes (forms-icheck.html)
        ADDED: Language select bar
        ADDED: Input spinner (forms-advanced.html)
        ADDED: Alternative Social networks login buttons on Login page (extra-login.html)

        FIX: Time picker in popup not showing the time popup selector
        FIX: Sidebar issue "Flash of unstyle content" 
        FIX: Fixed Sidebar page, collapsed sidebar menu hover don't work
        FIX: Fixed lot of reported CSS incosistencies
        FIX: Fixed collapsing effect with tables as panel body
        FIX: Chat conversation, auto-close when collapsing chat container

        UPDATE: jQuery updated to latest public version

— Version 1.1.3

        ADDED: Theme Skins are now supported! Available skins: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black, 
        White, Yellow, Cafe
        ADDED: DataTables examples: Filtering Columns, Data Exporting, Responsive Data Tables
        ADDED: Image Crop plugin is now added - See extra-image-crop.html
        ADDED: 3 PSD files are included in extra/ folder

— Version 1.1.2

        ADDED: Profile Page added (extra-profile.html)
        ADDED: Timeline - vertical left aligned (extra-timeline.html)
        ADDED: Responsive tables (tables-main.html)

        FIX: Charts page will not render properly the profile notification tooltips.
        FIX: Improved Retina Support for logos and images

— Version 1.1.1

        ADDED: Gallery Albums Page (extra-gallery.html)
        ADDED: Gallery Album Single Page (extra-gallery-single.html)

— Version 1.1.0

        ADDED: User Info on Sidebar + Popup Menu
        ADDED: Notes Page functionality added on extra-notes.html - You can save notes. 
        Handle file assets/js/neon-notes.js

        FIX: WYSIHTML5 editor - text colors now are applied properly. 
        Attribute [data-stylesheet-url] solves this.
        FIX: Sliders (forms-sliders.html) are now compatible with Touch Devices.

— Version 1.0.2

        FIX: Calendar Week and Day Agenda not styled properly

— Version 1.0.1

        FIX: Overall fixes and improvements
        FIX: Fail-safe page transitions are added.
        ADDED: Modals are now shown in better way (ui-modals.html)
        ADDED: Dropzone now shows info for uploaded files (forms-file-upload.html)

— Version 1.0

        Initial Release

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