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Able Pro stands out as an excellent admin dashboard template that you can find on Themeforest. It’s crafted using Bootstrap 5 and features a sleek material design, making it perfect for your web application. Whether you’re working on an eCommerce site, a CRM, or any SASS-based project, Able Pro has got you covered. It’s not just responsive but also offers a wide range of tools to support your backend needs. The template is dynamic and customizable, supporting Bootstrap 5. Able Pro has proven itself as a reliable choice for various projects. Take a closer look at this versatile admin dashboard template and enhance your web app effortlessly.

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Top Reasons to choose Able Pro

  • Priority First – Easy Developer Experience (DX)
  • High Aesthetics User Interface and Experience (UI/UX)
  • Easy Helper Guide
  • Timely Technical Support
  • Developed by Elite Author with having 9+ Years of Dashboard development

able pro key features

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About Able Pro Admin Template

With Able Pro, you get a premium Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template that is fully responsive. Whether you need to create an admin panel, a dashboard, an eCommerce app, a project management system, a crypto admin interface, a CRM, or a SASS-based interface, this template has got you covered. It features gulp-based build tools and supports SCSS variables-based modes, as well as RTL languages. Get your hands on this admin dashboard template today and build a dynamic web app that meets all of your requirements.

Made for Performance

Prioritizing performance was our main focus during the development of Able Pro. We dedicated significant effort to testing and enhancing the code to achieve optimal performance.

Able Pro was designed with a focus on performance, and we have successfully achieved this goal through rigorous design and code testing. Our design has received high scores on Google Page Speed, Pingdom, and gtMetrix, while our code has passed rigorous testing through w3 validator, and WCAG.

Able Pro Tech Stack

The Able Pro Admin template incorporates the latest technologies available.

  • Bootstrap 5
  • Gulp Build Tools (i.e not mandatory)
  • npm/yarn Package Manager

Key Features

Here are the standout features of Able Pro that set it apart from other templates.

  • Light/Dark/Auto Vertical Layout options.
  • Live customizer to playaround real-time with design.
  • Code Standard that makes easy developer experience (DX).
  • Retina Ready and Mobile-first responsive design.
  • Modern User Interface with easy user experience
  • Easy to use folder structure
  • Well Commented code style
  • Easy Documentation Guide

Layouts Types

  • Vertical Navigation Layout.
  • LTR, RTL (i.e.right to left – mostly suitable for Arabic region).
  • Container / Full width Layout option.
  • Page Contrast hide/show option.
  • Blur Header


40+ conceptual widget collection to display statistics, charts, and Table Related fieldset.

Modern User Interface

Able Pro takes your dashboard to the next level with its professional-grade design interface, featuring proper typography, iconography, a well-optimized color palette, and carefully considered spacing. Moreover, it adheres to WCAG compliance standards for preferred contrast ratios, ensuring an even better user experience.

Able Pro Theming Options

  • Default Layout (i.e. Light with LTR)
  • Dark
  • Auto (i.e. light/dark layout depends on system settings)
  • 10+ Primary color options
  • Theme Contrast Hige/Show
  • Sidebar Menu Caption Show/Hide
  • LTR/RTL versions
  • Full/Container Width


Different Charts are useful to highlight your plot data into chart. We’ve implemented more than 20+ charts.

Chart types

  • ApexCharts
  • More (coming soon)


The Able Pro Admin Template includes all of the essential Bootstrap 5 components, as well as numerous additional third-party components listed below. All of these components are up-to-date with the latest versions available.

Advance components

  • Sweet alert
  • Date Picker
  • Grid Helper
  • LightBox
  • Modal
  • Notification
  • Range Slider
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Tour
  • Tree view
  • Slider

Form Components & Plugins

  • Input, Floating Input, InputGroup, TextArea, switch, Buttons, Switches, Radio, Checkbox, Mega Option
  • Form Validation
  • Input Masks
  • TypeAhead
  • Form pickers – Datepicker, Timepicker, color picker
  • Choices JS
  • Clipboard
  • reCaptcha
  • Text Editors – Tinymce, Quill, CK Editor, and Markdown
  • Form Layouts – Single, Multicolumn, Actionbars, Sticky Form
  • File Uplocad
  • Image Cropper


  • Bootstrap Table – Basic, Sizing, Border, Styling tables
  • Vanilla Table – Basic, Dynamic, DateTime sorting, Fetch API, Filters, Export tables
  • Data Table
  • Data Tables Extensions


  • Session timout
  • Offline
  • Animations


  • Feather
  • Font Awesome5
  • Material
  • Tabler
  • Custom Icons


Able Pro has 7+ Conceptual apps.

  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Customer
  • E-commerce
  • File Manager
  • Mail Inbox
  • User Management

Important Pages

  • Landing Page
  • Contact Page
  • Pricing
  • Authentication Pages (3 Variants) – Login, Register, Forgot Password, Check Email, Reset Password, OTP Verification
  • Maintenance Pages – 404, 500, Under construction, Coming Soon


  • 4 Levels Menu
  • Sample Page

Purchased Package Includes

  • Template Source Code
  • Documentation

Resources & Credits

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